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Advanced Placement (AP) Program 2016

The Advanced Placement (AP) program consists of college-level courses and corresponding end-of-course examinations. It offers high school students the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at participating colleges and universities across the country.

AP courses cover a range of subject areas including art and music, language and literature (English and other languages), mathematics, science, and history and social science. In 2015-16, district schools' collective AP course offerings enabled students to take 33 different AP examinations.

AP examinations are developed by the College Board and administered each May. Tests consist of an open-response section (essay or problem-solving) and multiple choice questions. Exceptions to this test format include: (1) AP Studio Art, which is a portfolio assessment; (2) world language tests, which have a speaking component; and (3) AP Music Theory, which includes a sight-singing task. For more information, please see the College Board AP website .

Please note: Results posted here may differ slightly from College Board and state-reported data. These summary reports are based on individual student data that have been validated against school enrollment, demographic, and course enrollment data in the district database.

Individual School Reports for 2016

Individual school reports

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Districtwide Reports for 2016

Multiyear Report for District Operated Schools
Districtwide Student Summary Results - by School
Districtwide AP Course Enrollment Summary - by School
Districtwide AP Test Summary Results - by School
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