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Meal Eligibility

District staff, district and non-district researchers and evaluators, and local and state agencies often require summary data about students from low-income families. District staff members use these data for Title I and other need-based allocations, grant proposals, evaluations of student achievement, and selection of schools for study samples. Agencies use these data to document community needs, as well as to report on the progress of these students. One measure of economic need is being certified eligible for free or reduced-price meals; the percentage of students within a school who meet the eligibility criteria is often used as the school-based measure.

These reports describe students with financial need at all district schools, including charters. Data are disaggregated by school type, grade level, English language proficiency status, and race/ethnicity. Each report also analyzes the impact of Provision 2 schools on district numbers. School level data are included in the appendix. Data in these reports should only be used in ways that do not stigmatize students and families.

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