Racial/Ethnic Distribution 2021-22

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Torrey Pines Elementary: Grades -2-5

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Report Type Description
School Accountability Report Card (SARC)    
State Website SARC (Approximately 15 pages).
Smarter Balanced Assessment(SBA)    
ELA-Math By Grade ELA-Math Achievement Levels by Grade
ELA-Math by Group ELA-Math Achievement Levels by Group
ELA-Math Multi-year Demographic Summary ELA-Math Multi-year Demographic Summary
California School Dashboard    
California School Dashboard
Cal-SCHLS Survey Reports    
School Climate Report Card (SCRC) Elementary School climate report card
School Climate Report Card (SCRC) Secondary This report does not exist.
Student Survey Results (CHKS) Elementary Resiliency, protective factors, risk behaviors, and school climate
Student Survey Results (CHKS) Secondary This report does not exist.
Staff Survey Results (CSSS) This report does not exist.
Parent Survey Results (CSPS) Parent's perceptions about learning and teaching conditions