National Assessment of Educational Progress
Trial Urban District Assessment (NAEP TUDA)

Since 1969, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) has been administered periodically across the country to samples of students in 4th, 8th, and 12th grades as a "continuing and nationally representative measure of achievement in various subjects over time." Currently, assessments in Grade 4 and 8 reading and mathematics are given every two years and in science and writing, every four years. Assessments in other subject areas such as arts and U.S. history are offered on a similar rotating schedule, typically every four years or more. Until 2002, results were provided only for states and the nation as a whole. Because NAEP uses matrix sampling, with each student taking a different part of a larger test, individual student and school-level results are not available.

The Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) is a special project within NAEP that assesses district-level performance in reading, mathematics, science, and writing in selected large urban districts by sampling beyond that required for state NAEP results. NAEP TUDA began in 2002 with six school districts; it was expanded to 10 school districts in 2003, including San Diego for the first time. The program has continued to expand and currently has 27 participating districts.

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