Smarter Balanced Reports - 2023

SBA Achievement by Group

Achievement Levels - English Language Arts and Mathematics

The SBA results by group report below displays the percentage of students grouped by demographic catetory whose scores for English Language Arts and mathematics fell into each of the four achievement levels. The SBA results by grade report below displays the number and percentage of students in the school as a whole and in each tested grade level whose test scores for English Language Arts and mathematics fell into one of the four achievement levels; Not Met, Nearly Met, Met, Exceeded.

SBA results by group*:

SBA results by grade*:

* School group reports by high school cluster are included at the end of each list.

SBA Achievement by Group

Multi-year, Multi-demographic School Summaries

These reports display the percentage of students who met or exceeded state grade level standards in each grade level and (for grade level standards reports) and for all grade levels combined. Each page displays results for all students and for categories of students in each of eight dimensions:
  1. Gender
  2. Race/ethnicity
  3. English fluency
  4. Economic status
  1. Gifted status
  2. Special education status
  3. Homeless and foster status
  4. Parental military status

Meet or exceed standards: