Middle–level Mathematics Courses (Grades 5–8)
Sequence of Districtwide Courses*

Grade Level
5 6 7 8
Grade-level Sequence Mathematics 5th
Math 6th
Math 7th
Math 8th
Support Course Step Up to Middle School Math 6th
Advanced Sequence** Accelerated Math 6th
Accelerated Math 7th
Integrated Math I A-B Advanced§


* Pilot courses and courses approved by the Board of Education to be offered at specific sites only are also described in this section. Please note that other schools may not offer these courses without prior approval from the Interdivisional Curriculum Committee.

† For students in grades 5 at schools that use a secondary-type master schedule.

§ This course is currently accepted by the University of California as meeting its c (mathematics) subject-area requirement. However, each district high school seeking recognition by the university of this course for its students must include the course on its individual UC-approved list.

** Placement of students into the advanced sequence is based on the following measures: (1) SBAC scores, (2) End-of-course or readiness test results at the advanced level, (3) grades, and (4) recommendations.

‡ Movement from Common Core Math 6th (4133) to Accelerated Math 7th (4137) is possible if students meet the criteria in the note above.