Districtwide Courses in Grades 9–12 that Meet
Graduation Requirements for Science

(see also Senior High Science Courses (Grades 9–12)

Six semester credits (3 years) required;
Two credits in life science (biology or other University of California [UC]-approved laboratory science course in the ‘d’ subject area)
Two credits in physical science (physics, chemistry, or other UC-approved laboratory science course in the ‘d’ subject area)
Two additional credits of UC-approved science coursework in the ‘d’ (laboratory science) or ‘g’ (elective) subject areas.
Life Science Courses (d) Physical Science Courses (d) Additional Science Courses
Biology 1,2
Biology 1,2 Advanced
Biology 1,2 AP
Physiology 1,2*
Chemistry 1,2
Chemistry 1,2 Honors
Chemistry 1,2 AP
Physics 1,2
Physics 1,2 Advanced
AP Physics I A,B
AP Physics II A,B
Physics C 1,2 AP
Earth Science 1,2 (g)
Environmental Science 1,2 AP (d)*
Marine Science 1,2 (d)*
Science Research Techniques 1,2 (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics) (d)*
* UC and California State University consider this course to be "interdisciplinary" rather than a life science or a physical science. Because of prerequisites, students will meet the district's life science and physical science requirements before they take this course.