Elementary (TK–6) Course of Study

In the elementary grades, students receive Integrated and Designated ELD within their general education classroom. Integrated ELD is embedded within and across content areas throughout the instructional day. Teachers support students at different proficiency levels by differentiating instruction. In addition, part of the day is dedicated to Designated English Language Development (dELD), which targets each studentís language proficiency level. Designated ELD time generally occurs as an extension of the literacy block and is directly linked to the English Language Arts (ELA) lessons.

The Designated ELD program is designed to lead and guide students through the levels of English language proficiency: emerging, expanding, bridging. Students are expected to progress one or more levels every year. All elementary schools use the SDUSD Board of Education adopted curriculum Benchmark Advance and Benchmark English Language Development to support English learners during Integrated and Designated ELD.


Basic Texts, TK–6

Benchmark Advance English Language Development, Benchmark Education Company (Integrated ELD)
Benchmark English Language Development, Benchmark Education Company (Designated ELD)

Resources, TK–6

California Department of Education 2012 ELD Standards and 2014 ELA/ELD Framework
( www.cde.ca.gov/ci/rl/cf/elaeldfrmwrksbeadopted.asp)

California Practionersí Guide for Educating English Learners with Disabilities
( www.cde.ca.gov/sp/se/ac/documents/ab2785guide.pdf)

English Learner Toolkit of Strategies
( https://ccsesa.org/english-learner-toolkit-of-strategies/)

Assessment Instruments, TK–6

English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC): A criterion-referenced test of English language proficiency to assess listening, speaking, reading, and writing for all English learners, TK–12.

Benchmark End of Unit Assessments
Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA)
FAST (Fastbridge Assessment)
Lucy Calkins Writing Rubric
Protocol for Teachers of English Learners - Oral (PTEL-O)