Courses in red are Site Adopted or Pilot courses and are NOT available at all locations.

7110Functional Science 5th7350Applied World History 7th
7112Functional Science 6th–8th7351Applied U.S. History 8th
7113Functional Science 9th–12th7355, 7356Applied World History and Geography 1,2
7120Functional Social Studies 5th7357, 7358Applied U.S. History and Geography 1,2
7122Functional Social Studies 6th–8th7359Applied Government 1
7123Functional Social Studies 9th–12th7360Applied Economics 1
7130Functional Mathematics 5th7363Transition Skills 6th–8th
7132Functional Mathematics 6th–8th7364Transition Skills 9th–10th
7133Functional Mathematics 9th–12th7365Transition Skills 11th–12th
7140Functional Consumer and Family Studies 5th7366Student Apprentiship 11th–12th (2 Hours)
7143Functional Consumer and Family Studies 6th-8th7367Work Incentive (2 Hours)
7144Functional Consumer and Family Studies 9th-12th7368Work Incentive (1 Hour)
7150Functional Transition Skills 5th7369Student Apprentiship 11th–12th (1 Hour)
7153Functional Transition Skills 6th–8th7370Visual Skill Building 6th–8th
7154Functional Transition Skills 9th–12th7502Multilevel English 6th–8th
7160Functional Language Arts 5th7503Multilevel English 9th–12th
7162Functional Language Arts 6th–8th7551Multilevel Math 6th–8th
7163Functional Language Arts 9th–12th7552Multilevel Math 9th–12th
7303Applied Mathematics 5th–8th7561Workability (1 Hour)
7313Applied Mathematics 9th–10th7562Workability (2 Hours)
7314Applied Mathematics 11th–12th7705Reading Development 1
7323Applied Science/Health 5th–8th7706Reading Development 2
7324Applied Science/Health 9th–10th7707Reading Development 3
7325Applied Science/Health 11th–12th7910Multilevel Mobility
7333Applied Reading Development/Improvement 6th–8th7920Multilevel Visually Handicapped Skill Building
7342Applied English 5th–8th7930Multilevel Communicatively Handicapped Skill Building
7343Applied English 9th–10th7955Multilevel Study Skills 6th–8th
7344Applied English 11th–12th7956Multilevel Study Skills 9th–12th