Courses in red are Site Adopted or Pilot courses and are NOT available at all locations.

6761American Government in World Affairs6928DNEW! Humanities ELD 8th Spanish Cluster
6747Ancient and Medieval World A6579, 6580Identity/Agency in U.S. History 1-2
6748Ancient and Medieval World B6736, 6737Introduction to Ethnic Studies 1,2
6691, 6692Big History 1,26690Junior Model United Nations
6517, 6518Business Ethics 1,26842Macroeconomics 2 AP
6548, 6549Economics HL2 IB 1,26841Microeconomics 1 AP
6763, 6764Economics SL 1,2 IB6605, 6606Modern World History and Geography 1,2
6759, 6760European History 1,2 AP6945, 6946NEW! Power and Identity around the World 1,2
6649, 6650Global Political and Economic Decisions 1,26758Principles of Economics 1
6757Government 16834, 6835Psychology 1,2 AP
6849Government and Politics: Comparative AP6831, 6832Psychology and Restorative Practices 1,2
6839Government and Politics: United States AP6732, 6733Psychology HL1 1,2 IB
6723, 6724History HL1 1,2 IB6715, 6716Psychology HL2 1,2 IB
6961. 6962NEW! History of the Americas HL1 IB 1,26713, 6714Psychology SL 1,2 IB
6647, 6648History of the Americas HL2 1,2 IB6519Social Studies 5th
6643, 6644History SL 1,2 IB6520Social Studies 6th
6536History–Social Science 6th Advanced6520DSocial Studies 6th Spanish Cluster
6537History–Social Science 7th Advanced6771, 6772Theory of Knowledge 1,2 IB
6547History–Social Science 8th Advanced6721, 6722United States History 1,2 AP
HSS1History–Social Studies Grade 16701, 6702United States History and Geography 1,2
HSS2History–Social Studies Grade 26711, 6712United States History and Geography 1,2 Honors
HSS3History–Social Studies Grade 36551United States History and Geography 8th
HSS4History–Social Studies Grade 46551DUnited States History and Geography 8th Spanish Cluster
HSS5History–Social Studies Grade 56645, 6646World History 1,2 Advanced
HSS6History–Social Studies Grade 66521World History and Geography 7th
HSSKHistory–Social Studies Grade K6521DWorld History and Geography 7th Spanish Cluster
HSSTKHistory–Social Studies Grade TK6639, 6640World History: Modern 1,2 AP
6511, 6512Human Geography 1,2 AP6683, 6684You and the Law 1,2
6927DNEW! Humanities ELD 7th Spanish Cluster