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Dance Grade 5 

Grade Range:
 Strands emphasized:
Artistic perception; creative expression; historical and cultural context; aesthetic valuing; connections, relationships, applications.
Course Description:
 This course is intended to meet state and national dance standards. In grade 5 students continue to refine dance skills. Students use several stimuli to develop content for choreographic work. Students develop movement vocabulary and use choreographic devices to expand on and communicate an idea. Students develop, rehearse, and revise original and repertoire works. Students execute fundamental technical dance skills while dancing. Students collaborate with peer ensemble members to repeat sequences, synchronize actions, and refine spatial relationships to improve performance quality. Students further develop their ability to interpret and reflect on the creative process, explaining why movement choices and refinements were made. Students learn to evaluate the effectiveness of their own dance works as well as the work of others. There is additional exploration of dance history, including oneís own cultural dance, with a focus on making comparisons to the other cultures. Students define, describe, and explain how movement characteristics and qualities of dance in a genre or style communicate the ideas and perspective of the cultural, historical, or community. Students explore and experiment with production elements to heighten artistic intent and audience experience that are adaptable to informal and formal settings.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:
 SDUSD VAPA Core Learnings, 2005.