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Art Grade 3 

Grade Range:
 Strands emphasized:
Creating presenting; responding, connecting
Course Description:
 This course develops understanding of the elements of art by focusing on the illusion of space (foreground, middle ground, and background) and introduces value through tints and shades (color). The principles of art are introduced by examining how repeating elements in works of art can create rhythm and movement. Instruction includes size relationships, placement, intensity, and tints and shades in students’ original works of art. The introduction of a personal sketchbook/journal gives the third grader a new art tool to record art vocabulary, illustrate examples, practice skills, and develop ideas for original works of art. This course provides the opportunity for students to explore observational drawing skills by using their visual environment as themes for personal portfolios. Students build knowledge of cultural diversity by exploring art from various cultures within the region while build art vocabulary through discussion of exhibitions and works of art.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:
 Turner, Portfolios: A State of the Art Program, Grade 3, Barrett Kendall, 1998.
Art Prints, Levels 1-3: Set A.
SDUSD VAPA Core Learnings, 2005.

Supplementary Resources
Art Study Sets (19 titles; available at the IMC).