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ELD with Academic Language Development 1,2 (1737, 1738)

Grade Range:
 Course duration:
 Two semesters
Subject area in which graduation credit will be given:
 Elective; may be repeated for credit
 Enrollment in this course is limited to English Learners, At Risk English Learners (ARELs – students enrolled in the district between 3.01 and 6.0 years) and Long-Term English Learners (LTELs – students enrolled in the district for 6.01 or more years) who have not been reclassified at the end of the school year. As well as Summative ELPAC performance levels of minimally developed, somewhat developed, moderately developed, or well developed. Concurrent enrollment in the student’s grade-level English language arts course is required.
Course Description:
 This is a two semester elective course that targets the linguistic and academic needs of English Learners, At Risk English Learners (ARELs) or Long Term English Learners (LTEL). Defined as students who enrolled in a U.S. school and have not attained the levels of English and academic proficiency necessary to succeed in standards-based coursework despite several years of academic instruction and meet the criteria towards reclassification. This course is designed to ensure proficiency in the language of the school - academic vocabulary, speaking, listening, and writing which are the core pillars necessary to success in school and life. This course addresses the CA English Language Development Standards in tandem with the Common Core English Language Arts Standards.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:
 Kinsella, English 3D Course C, Scholastic.