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Technical Theatre 1,2 (P) (1413, 1414)
Technical Theatre 3,4 (P) (1462, 1463)

Grade Range:
 Course duration:
 Two semesters
Subject area in which graduation credit will be given:
 Practical Arts
 UC subject area satisfied:
 f - Visual and Performing Arts
 Under Administrative Procedure 4771, Alternative Means of Satisfying the Prescribed Course of Study, this course may be used to fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts high school graduation requirement.

Participation in extracurricular theater productions is required as part of the course curriculum.

Course Description:

Students will create designs for sets, lights, costumes, and sound for school productions, including sketches, ground plans, renderings, color charts/swatches, and models. The Tech 3,4 students will work as crew chiefs and will supervise the Tech 1,2 students during construction and production. Stage management responsibilities, with full prompt books, will also be required for each production. Students will investigate the history of theatre architecture and stage design. Problem solving and working under pressure will be stressed.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:
 Each site selects its own resources from available publications.