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Theatre 7,8 (P) (1429, 1430)

Grade Range:
 Theatre 5,6 with a grade of C or better, and/or instructor’s permission
 Course duration:
 Two semesters
Subject area in which graduation credit will be given:
 Visual and Performing Arts
 UC subject area satisfied:
 f - Visual and Performing Arts
Course Description:
 The fourth year’s instruction in theatre is directed toward leadership and career development in arts, media, and entertainment. This course will expand students’ capacity to write, direct, and produce complex characters, scenes, and plays. Developments of entry-level competencies for careers in artistic or technical theatre are explored. Students continue to take on leadership roles and special projects related to play production and class projects. Students may now serve as creative team leaders on the production staff. They may apply, audition, or go through an interview process to design, direct, produce, etc., theatrical productions as the instructor sees fit. Students will work with the teacher to devise and execute projects dedicated to their own specific area of interest as they prepare for either career or college. Examples include developing an audition repertoire or design portfolio, writing a full length play, directing a play, producing a festival, creating a prompt book, etc. Students will design their own assessment tools, devise a project management timeline, meet deadlines and formally present all deliverables to an audience of peers and professionals.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:
 Schumacher, Drama for Reading and Performance, Collections 1 and 2, Perfection Learning, 2000.
SDUSD VAPA Core Learnings, 2005.