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Accounting 3,4 (0733, 0734)

Grade Range:
 Accounting 1,2
 Course duration:
 Two semesters
Subject area in which graduation credit will be given:
 Practical Arts
Course Description:
 This two-semester intermediate-level course builds on knowledge and skills acquired in Accounting 1,2. It is designed to prepare students for jobs in accounting and/or to introduce those intending to pursue baccalaureate degrees to advanced accounting fundamentals. Students use the double-entry bookkeeping system to prepare financial statements for sole proprietorships, partnerships , and corporations; keep accounting records using source documents and books; close and balance ledger accounts; and learn to prepare tax returns.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:
 Guerrieri, Glencoe Accounting: Real-World Applications and Connections, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2012.
Using QuickBooks Pro with Glencoe Accounting, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2012.