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Art 1,2 (P) (0191, 0192)

Grade Range:
 Course duration:
 Two semesters
Subject area in which graduation credit will be given:
 Visual and Performing Arts
 UC subject area satisfied:
 f - Visual and Performing Arts
Course Description:
 This foundational high school course allows students with a wide variety of backgrounds in visual art education to understand and use elements of art and principles of design through examination of images, reading, writing, discussion, and creating works of art to widen and deepen visual literacy. Instruction focuses on drawing skills (e.g., observational, gesture, contour, figure, one- and two-point perspective, shading, pointillism) and painting skills (e.g., strokes, stippling, color blocking, blending, wash) using a variety of media. Multiple approaches to artistic investigations are represented in each student portfolio. Sketchbook/journal entries document development, refinement, and reflection of student work. Students will write critical analyses that describe, interpret, analyze, and judge historic and contemporary works of art, including their own.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:
 SDUSD VAPA, Art 1,2 Teacher Guidebook, 2012.
Artist Biography Video Resource Set.
Gatto, Exploring Visual Design, Davis Publications, 2000.
Ragans, ArtTalk, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2000.
SDUSD VAPA Core Learnings, 2005.