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Student Mentor 6th-8th (8199)    - SITE ADOPTED COURSE -

Approved Site(s):
 Approved for Montgomery and Roosevelt Middle Schools. Other schools may not offer this course without prior approval from the Interdivisional Curriculum Committee.

Grade Range:
 Course duration:
 Two semesters
 This course must be taught by a Special Education teacher possessing one of the following credentials: Learning Handicapped, Severely Handicapped, Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe
Course Description:
 This course trains middle-school students to provide support to students with disabilities at their site. Students attend a student mentor course for one period a day where they learn the theory and pedagogy of inclusive education, as well as support strategies and communication techniques. Following a week of instruction, each student is paired with a grade-level or younger special needs student to mentor and provide assistance to. At that point, students spend half the period in classroom instruction and the other half assisting their assigned student in his/her classroom. Student mentors are expected to complete daily journal logs documenting the progress of the student they are mentoring.

Basic Texts and Teaching Guides:

Rebecca Bond-Brooks, Peer Tutoring and Support: Making Inclusive Education Work