Sample Course Sequence, Grades 9–12

The purpose of this chart is to define a basic sequence of courses that a student entering grade 9 could take to meet both San Diego Unified School District high school graduation requirements and University of California/California State University subject area requirements. It is not meant to be exhaustive or show all the options a student has before him or her.

This chart shows courses that are available at all sites throughout the district. Pilot courses and courses approved by the Board of Education to be offered at specific sites only (usually as part of a magnet program) may be appropriate substitutes in some cases. Consult the counseling departments of the individual schools. Courses that meet the University of California’s subject-area admission requirement ( the UC a–g requirements) are indicated with a (P) for college preparatory.

The chart is based on a school schedule of six periods a day and two semesters a year. Students attending schools that use a 4 x 4 or other type of modified schedule will have more opportunities for elective coursework. This chart assumes students pass the required Integrated Math I A-B in grade 8.

Language Arts
Mathematics 1 Physical Education Science History–Social Studies Sixth
Hour of Instruction
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12


Sixth Hour of Instruction


Dance Music Theatre Visual Arts
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4